Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mantra Effect...

As in the two general elections previous to this one, the Republicans have reduced themselves to criminalistic activities to win this election at all cost. Telling a lie when you know that it is not the truth is criminal in every aspect of human behavior. Senator McCain has adopted methods we know are commonly used by Carl Rove, and to our chagrin, we have discovered that Carl is indeed being used by McCain in a last ditch attempt to gain the presidency.

I have to say that the choice of Governor Palin appears to have been the sweetest thing that could have ever happened to the elder statesman from Arizona. He has somehow resurrected his mediocre campaign from the depths of defeat once again. How he does it must be directly related to how he survived five and a half years in captivity after the crashing of his fighter plane during the Viet Nam war – amazing story. That ability to survive no matter the circumstance is what frightens me even though I believe that Obama will win this election. It is like Obama needs to be continuously looking over his shoulder because McCain won’t go away!

Governor Palin has told so many untruths of late, tha itt is hard to decipher when she is telling the truth. As expected, and thankfully so, the news media has done an excellent job of weeding out the lies and reporting it dutifully to the general public, but is that enough these days? I ask that question because of a little known factor with which the Republicans have become very proficient – ‘the mantra effect’. Never heard of it you say, well I am here to bring you up-to-date with this phenomenon.

Here is how it works… if a certain thing is said enough times, the listener will began to believe because they have first been pre-conditioned to believe. Normally, it is a chant the listener is exposed to repetitiously so that the desired results become apparent. In the case of the Republicans, believers one and all, we see the ‘mantra effect’ practiced with perfection. The continuous lies are incorporated into every speech until the zombie-like constituents began to cheer when nothing of value is being said to them at their rallies.

This is the only explanation that I can offer that has some possibility of being the reason why Republicans will continue to support a party that has stripped them of their savings, houses, and jobs. Believing that small business would support the policies of out-sourcing most of the jobs that pay in the fifty to sixty thousand dollar range, the Republicans seem willing to deliver four more years of bad judgment along with ‘don’t tax and spend anyway’ tactics to bear on the American people yet again.

Even a dummy can figure out that if you fool me once, you can errr fool me once again? Not!!

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