Friday, September 19, 2008

Protecting Your Right to Vote

Protecting your right to vote is priority one. As with previous elections the Republican Party has again set its eyes on a goal of restricting as many individuals from exercising their right to vote as possible.

One way that the Repugnant Party is attempting to achieve this goal is by targeting those who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Here is how they are doing it:

1. If you have lost your home to foreclosure, you are a target because you are registered to vote under the address of the home that you no longer own.

2. All voters presenting identification are being screened against a list that is being circulated by the Repugnant Party. That list contains the name of every homeowner who has lost his home due to foreclosure. If you did not update your voter registration card, you will not be allowed to vote in this general election.

3. Go immediately to the nearest Motor Vehicular Department, Voter Registration Center and renew your voter registration card to reflect your new address. If you do not accomplish this task before the end of the day on October 6, 2008, you won’t be a participator in the general election of the century.

There are other ways that the Repugnants are attempting to block voters from the voter’s booth. I have included a message (PDF) from Senator Benjamin Cardin (D) Maryland wherein you can make yourself aware of other ways that you can lose your right to vote. Senator Cardin participated in hearings to uncover the ways your civil rights are being violated by a coalition of Republicans hell-bent on disrupting voters at the polling booths.

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