Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Be Fooled Again

At present the financial life of the United States in ICU. The patient is in critical condition and not expected to recover. It seems that the patient ignored all of the symptoms of a disease that is difficult to cure, in fact, in most cases it is terminal. The disease can be prevented if the patient refrains from greed, lives a regulated life, and heeds the warnings originating from competent authority. The patient can thrive if it has the guidance of a good doctor – leader.

By way of hindsight we can see where a certain patient did not heed good consult from his physicians(Congress). The patient decided that he was going to, against good counsel, expose his body to financial uncertainties (smoking) by giving away the surplus of money that he had been entrusted with by the previous owner of the body.
He reasoned that since he was in excellent health there was no reason to guard judiciously the health of the body. So, he smoked the money of all the people and spread the ashes around to those who needed money least of all. He exhaled and immediately felt the nicotine course though the body.

The body, excited by the introduction of all of this nicotine (money), began to crave more of the same and the patient sought new ways of giving the body what it desired. The body broke other rules of good financial health by introducing new ways of getting nicotine (the money). It decided that it would smoke unfiltered regulations that allowed more nicotine (money) to enter the body and the body began to do other things that were even more exciting than before. It violates good health rule after good health rule in a quest to get even more nicotine. The body stoped going to the physician and eliminated the constraints that would have told the doctor that it was out of control (in deep debt).

A cancer formed in the body in the shape of what one might call a tumor (debt). The cancer multiplied and became great. Cancers in the form of subprime loans, speculations without oversight, and other cancers formed tumors (debt) where there had never been tumors (debt) before. The body knew that something was not right, but reasoned that it could make adjustments by taking over-the-counter medications (prime rate adjustments) others had told him would make things right, but the cancer continued to spread. First his lungs that provided him with air began to have difficulty in distributing the oxygenated money that would feed him.

Of course, the heart (banking system) was next because without the oxygenated blood (cash flow) it could no longer support the (credit) muscles that were needed to make the body move. The body began to slow down; sometimes going days without oxygenated blood (cash flow). It became hard for other parts (businesses) of the body to function. The kidneys (car loans) that cleared toxicants from the body soon stopped doing so because they were laid off. The liver (retail stores) started to slow down because it could not get the support (money) that it needed from the kidneys. The outer extremities (small business) that depended on the heart, the kidneys, and the liver to keep them pure and strong became weak and dysfunctional (out-of-business). The body took to its bed!

Finally, the physician (Congress) was summoned. He arrived with his black (bailout) bag full of goodies to bring a glow back to the pale (economy) looking body. The physician was shocked at the condition of the body, but immediately went to work to save the body. Realizing that he would need the help of others, the physician called for an ambulance in the form of congressional help to perform the necessary operations that would save the body. Congress, after much complaining and hesitation, came to the aid of the body with medications that it thought would save the body. Congress shook its head and said… this does not look good!

The moral of the story is this… are you better now than you were eight years ago? If you think that you are better off than you were, chose John McCain. If you are not better off, chose Barack Obama!

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