Monday, October 13, 2008

How Much Longer is MSNBC Going to Tolerate Joe Scarborough

How much longer is MSNBC going to tolerate the ranting and ravings of Joe Scarborough? Clearly he is associating attacks on his character with the current rhetoric of the McCain-Palin camp. McCain is undoubtedly using negative practices to arouse and secure the Republican base. The terms and tactics used by the McCain campaign in another era probably would not have enraged audiences, but 9/11 makes the use of those terms dangerous.

Mr. Scarborough attempts to make the case that McCain, and by association himself, is the victim of undeserved accusations of inciting a riot with those tactics. He tries to bring up instances of things that happened to him to make the case that McCain is doing nothing wrong. When your own people ask you to refrain from negative campaign ads and rhetoric, there must be something wrong. That Mr. Lewis’ remarks are categorized as a wrongful depiction of Mr. McCain’s tactics can be questioned in light of the Republican Party’s position that the McCain campaign is losing the race because of these practices.

Obviously, Obama could not have been a friend of Mr. Ayers during the timeframe when Mr. Ayers was accused of being a part of the Weatherman. The use of Mr. Obama’s middle name as a connection to being a Muslim should not be tolerated. These are incendiary remarks and everybody knows it but Joe Scarborough. Mr. Scarborough continues to discredit any chastisement of the McCain campaign by the most unusual of associations to substantiate his view.

Mr. McCain should cease and desist from the use of negative ads. The McCain campaign has from the beginning used negative and half truth ads to create an atmosphere of hate and mistrust within those that would support his candidacy. We are all aware of the practice on ‘mantra’ within the Republican Party. This time, repeating a lie until you get the desired results is not going to work because the electorate can’t be fooled anymore with those tactics.

Joe Scarborough intimidates his co-workers. He talks over them when they are attempting to make a point. His disrespect of Meka is apparent to the most casual of observers. Andrea Mitchell prefixes her remarks with "I don't want to get in the middle of that" but... These are indications to me that he has created an atmosphere in the workplace that does not allow his co-workers to speak unless they use guarded terms.

Joe... cleanup your act, or your show is going to lose - big time!

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