Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are They Crazy, Or What?

As it becomes more apparent that Barack Obama and the Democratic ticket are going to change the way the White House and Congress look, we are seeing the reaction of Republicans in the most bizarre way. Multiple personalities are being manifested by the Republican presidential candidate and his campaign group, numerous Senatorial and Congressional Republicans are demanding, or saying things that one would attribute to people that are losing their sanity. Could it be that the withdrawal from power is causing detoxification symptoms reminiscent of a dope addict fighting to get off heroin?

McCain employed a negative strategy in mounting a fierce campaign against his opponents, first in the Republican primary, and then again with no quarter in the general campaign against Obama. He has to make the case that Obama is a terrorist, in that he attributes Obama’s affiliation with William Ayers as a sure sign that Obama, at the tender age of eight years old was running around on his Big Wheels placing pipe bombs at the Pentagon and other supposed places. What makes all of this more confusing is that the supporters of McCain believe the lie just as if they had seen Obama committing these crimes against the government themselves.

What is even more pathetically insane is the claim that Obama does not love his country because he has not been seen wearing a ‘flag’ pin. That is to say that everyone wearing a ‘flag’ pin is deeply patriot - automatically. If there ever was a perfect example of an American citizen having lived the American dream, it is Obama. His ancestry brings to mind that America is a ‘melting pot’ of ethnicity – an African father and an American mother; he is a true African-American. He was raised by his grandparents in Kansas when not living with his Mother on food stamps. They make sagas out this kind of storybook life!

Obama was accused of subversive tactics designed to overthrow the government. In fact, with ACORN, he is currently surmounting a mammoth effort to undermine and defraud the voter registration system. As we write, millions of voters are being registered using death certificates, illegal immigrants, and anything else that can be remotely construed to be capable of voting, even Mickey Mouse. And yet, we know that voter fraud cannot be consummated unless someone actually uses fraudulent identification and attempts, or actually succeeds in pulling the lever in a voting booth. It is also a fact that, by law, each application to register a voter must be filed with the cognizant authority once the application has been filled in and signed by the person making the request. That is the law – without spin, even when the filer knows that the application is incorrect in some manner!

Most recently a Republican Congressperson has come forth to demand that all elected officials should be brought into a basement room and interrogated as to whether they have un-American views. Sounds a lot like McCarthyism all over again, doesn’t it? What could be more absurd than that, but many whom are registered Republicans believe that this should be done as soon as possible, before the November 4th election? Can you believe?

This is what happens when you are so drunk with power that you believe that anything that you want to do is perfectly legal. What we should do is disburse the Republican Party because they have demonstrated all of the tendencies of a subversive group focused on overthrowing the American government.

PS… Obama won the election – Democrats rule!

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