Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Cares If We Are The Greatest Superpower

The United States has discredited itself in so many ways over the past eight years that it becomes difficult to pinpoint when we actually became the focal point for the anger of the rest of the free world. No one can do it right all the time, but we seemed to get it wrong with an alarming degree of success. In areas where our military strength would have carried weight and made a difference, we deferred to others who took advantage of the situation for personal gain. When diplomacy would have gotten a standing ovation from our peers we chose instead to be heathens slaughtering the innocent in the process.

Within our own country we forsook the poor, the helpless of our countrymen, allowing them to suffer unnecessarily during the height of their despair. The greatest nation in the world was duly noted for not being able to save its own people from drowning, from dying needlessly. Who cares if you are the greatest super-power in the world if you have no desire to do the humane when it comes to your own people, and yet we have done this on too many occasions to count. Katrina is an open sore that will never heal in my lifetime.

Knowing that is was happening; we allowed the seedy to be greedy in preying upon our less fortunate to such a degree that it threatens to consume us all. In pursuit of money at all cost, we have systematically allowed the destruction of the foundation of our economy. The dollar and our way of life are fast receding into darkness. Jobs that once were disappearing overseas are simply disappearing into the vast ‘Black Hole’ formed by the greedy. We are so dumb, that we have allowed the same low class of individuals to be in charge of saving us from what they invented. Are we really that stupid? It appears so!

I can’t say enough bad things about the man who sat on the toilet while all of this was being accomplished. Nero fiddled, but this guy simply defecated and not always in the proper receptacle. So where is all of this leading to; what will become of us when there is nothing else to lose, nothing else to flush down the toilet? I can assure you that one individual will be basking in the sun on a playa down in Argentina when it becomes more than apparent to you and I what is going to happen to us. His ranch is ninety thousand acres of primo terra, and it didn’t come cheap. If I remember correctly, that is where the Nazis ran off to when World War II was over and the Germans lost. Those that know the grand plan are not telling you and me for fear that we will riot sooner than the end of the year. Oh! Did I tell you there is no extradition treaty with Argentina; well, now you know!

Last year I sent all of you a message that you probably did not understand, or dismissed it as something that guy down on the island is jabbering about. Well, I am back with more gibberish for you, only this time the guy that has predicted accurately about other less than taste maladies is backing me up.

I don't know who the author of this quote is, but I believe that it came out of a book on Economics that I was reading back in the seventies when it was alright to smoke 'pot' to help expand your ability to expound on your thoughts. Can't do that today and live in peace, but getting back to my original thought; the quote goes like this...

"When ninety-seven percent of the wealth is owned by three percent of the population, there will be a revolution" - author unknown

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, has made a few predictions in the span of a decade and been correct on all of the predictions. I have included an article here from Alex Jone's Prison Planet by Mr. Celente that should bring you down to Earth for a short moment. Please read it and couple this article with my suggestions to each of you on how you can survive the coming events. If you threw my previous article on this subject in the trash can, I forgive you, but will not send you another because I don't have time.

Rod Davis - I put my name in this one because its for real!

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  1. It's a relief to know that the Republicans are so powerful they can cause hurricanes and it's associated damage! I think Mother Nature would be offended!