Friday, December 12, 2008

How the Republicans are Burying the Big Three and UAW

Okay Congress… let me get this straight – You give AIG one hundred fifty billion because they say that it is what they need to continue doing the same things that they have been doing prior to discovering that they need a few billions. You pass twenty-five billion to CitiGroup and guarantee three hundred twenty billion dollars of bad debt without questioning what they are going to do with that money. In all you mete out over a half a trillion dollars without one request for a business plan to ensure that you be giving these beggars more of the same.

You, being Congress, have got a lot of nerve! To say that you are showing favoritism is evident. You bailout some of the Wall Street Investment brokers, but let others go under. You have yet to ask one Wall Street recipient of these ‘free dollars’ for an agreement as to how they will use this money, but insist on all of the above from the Automotive Industry. Why? Considering the ramifications of the automotive industry going away forever, you decide to play Russian roulette with one of the few remaining manufacturing industries left in the United States. I don’t get it?

What is even more disturbing is that the individuals playing hardball with the American economy are subsidizing the foreign car manufacturers in their States to the tune of billions of dollars. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, and BMW are all entrenched within Southern States with the Senators of those States in the forefront of the opposition to a ‘loan’ to the American Automotive Industry. It should be apparent to the dumbness of Republican constituents that the Republican Party led by these imbecilic individuals is gambling with the welfare of the United States of American.

Let me set the record straight by stating that I have always been against anyone receiving any form of a bailout when it is obvious that every company in financial peril is there because of choices that were made by the CEOs and Board of Directors of those companies. Surely we can all agree that the automotive industry refused all request to upgrade the products they were presenting for sale to the world-wide market, but what of the others that were given bailout money? Weren’t they too advised against the practices that put them in the same financial situation? Didn’t they too, know that they were doing the ‘nasty’ with no regard for integrity? You betcha!

So why is it that these Republican Senators have decided to dig in their heels and refuse to even consider help for the automotive industry? These Republican Senators claim that American autoworkers are getting seventy-one dollars an hour as oppose to thirty-one dollars an hour on the part of the foreign manufacturing automotive workers in their respective States. The notion that UAW workers are getting seventy-one dollars a hour is a categorical lie! The figures that were used to compile that hourly wage include the benefits of every retired worker, not the actual wage of current United Autoworkers at the big three.

The Republican Senators took the word of an entry in the Saint Petersburg Times by Mr. Robert Trigaux and ran with it as a fact. Mr. Triguax has since renounced his original statement as one that is in error as this writer has pointed out. UAW is making 27 dollars an hour, Toyota is making 31 dollars an hour, and Nissan is making 26 dollars an hour plus bonus. Technically, the typical UAW person is making less than the average worker for a foreign car manufacturer at a manufacturing plant that is being subsidized by each respective State. If you factor in the amount of the subsidy, workers at foreign car manufacturing plants are the ones getting close to seventy dollars an hour. How dumb can you get and still be considered a human being?

As is usually is the case, the Republicans have gotten it ass backwards (Senator Vitter) and simply don’t know how to come clean and alert the public to their error, which again points out the dumb and dumber attitude classically associated with the Republican Party.

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