Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama Should Do This...

I am continuously bombast by the logic of the Republican pundits.  Every sentence out of their mouths starts with “Obama should do this”… if he wants to be a successful president, if he wants to be effective against the terrorist threat... If he wants all of the tools that the Bush administration has garner for our security.  There are so many things that the Republican pundits are suggesting that it is no wonder Bush was confused most of the time that he was in the White House. 

For those of you Republican pundits who don’t know the full story, let me enlighten you as to the qualifications of the man that you are so eager to shower with your inept knowledge.  First and foremost, the man that engineered the greatest political upset of the century to win the Presidency is a true scholar.  Having graduated from Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude should tell you that he is no dummy.  While there, he managed to become Editor of the Harvard Law Review – the astuteness needed to garner the support to attain this coveted position is no mean feat.

The next President of the United States majored in Political Science at Columbia University before going onto Harvard.  His scholarly achievements are a matter of record.  We all know that he was a community organizer in Southside Chicago.  It was during that time that Obama gained the valuable knowledge of an organizer.  Sarah Palin belittled him for that knowledge time after time during her presidential campaigning.  The ability to communicate, organize, and garner support were the skills that made it possible for him to convince fifty-four percent of all voters to vote for him in the general election.

The first Black Senator from Chicago proved that he could learn from his mistakes when he went on to gain the junior Senator seat for the State of Illinois against all odds after suffering a devastating defeat early in his political career.  We all know the story of how he managed to upset Senator Clinton and win the nomination of the Democratic Party.  Consider the odds going in that Barack Obama overcame by using those organizational skills learned many years earlier.  Consider that all records for contributions to a political candidate were broken during his amazing run to the Presidency.  His ability to communicate with the masses is phenomenal!

After winning the general election, Barack Obama has assembled his cabinet with the expertise and deftness of someone many times over his current level of experience.  How is he able to do it?  Obviously his thought processes are grounded in the experiences that he gained walking the streets of Chicago, in the courts of Illinois, and with the help of the people that he chose to assist him along the way.  You can discern the attitudes of the man by the friends that he has kept over the years.

There is one more thing that sets Obama apart from his predecessor… he actually went to class, and graduated from Harvard after majoring in Constitutional Law, which means that he can reason to a logical conclusion and solve problems the right way – without circumventing the Constitution!

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