Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, Voice of the Republican Party?

Rush Limbaugh, voice of the Republican Party, propagandist for the ultra-conservative right, has exercised the most profound influence to date in America among Republicans. After starting his broadcast career in sports for a radio station in San Diego, Rush Limbaugh soon out grew San Diego and moved his ‘show’ to New York. In conjunction with Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh transformed the 1994 Congress into a plurality for the Republicans. Rush became a beacon of light to the faithful; his word is the 'gospel' to a thirsty working class Republican constituency. It would be an understatement for this writer to degrade his ability to obtain and hold the attention of his followers.

But, that is where the accolades end and the other side of Rush Limbaugh begins. Since I am not a Republican, I don’t see in Rush Limbaugh those things that make him a conversation piece for those who are endeared to him. Is he a role model, in my opinion – no?! Does he respect the rights of others to have an opinion other than the one he advocates – no?!

Here is what I do see when I look at Rush Limbaugh. I see a man that thrives on sensationalism and controversy to promote himself, even if it is to his undoing. He has been known to use drugs. His has been recorded on tape sprouting racial remarks that would have gotten other people thrown off of the air. He is quick to reveal the fault in others (particularly Blacks), but he finds little fault with himself. He puts spin on any subject with the intent of proving his point through exaggerations that I am sorry to say are actually believed by his listeners. Give him a moment and he can connect the most farfetched dots into a theory laced with lies, bigotry, and racism. Here is one example of a gross falsification…

Rush Limbaugh is a man that is addicted to OxyContin, has used others to aid him in getting the drug, has gone into rehab to clear his body of his addiction on at least three occasions, and the American people, composed of the far right, consider his every word to be the truth. Let me say that again in less confusing terms… Rush Limbaugh is a confessed drug abuser and the American far right believes his every word to be the ‘gospel truth’. But wait! There is more! Rush Limbaugh has ridiculed others for their use of drugs – labeling drug abusers as the scum of the Earth. He has stated that drug dealers and users should be incarcerated without leniency no matter what the circumstances. And yet, he is the hero of the Conservative Right! And… his celebrity status can be viewed as the reason why he didn’t go to jail for his drug abuse - of course; he hired a good lawyer too.

How can we fit our minds around the fact that Rush Limbaugh is invited onto the FoxNews Show with the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others with the FoxNews network as a worthy Republican pundit? He has even been interviewed by Katie Couric! He is reveled so greatly that most recently Congressman Phil Gingery (R) SC, after making disparaging remarks about Rush Limbaugh, actually called Rush and apologized on the air for what I consider a truthful statement. Here is the video…

Wake up America! If this is the way that you want to be identified, if you listen to the bigotry that is broadcasted daily on the Rush Limbaugh Show, you truly are out of focus on the real issues that confront America today?

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control - Rodney A. Davis

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  1. Rod - I knew much of this about Limbaugh, but you did a great job of bringing it to one spot. It is ironic that that a druggie has such sway nationally over the republican party.

    I personally consider Rush Limbaugh the most dangerous man in America today. He wields way too much influence and scares me the way the the neo-cons hang on his every word.

    He pulls in huge dollars for his employers and is well protected by "others" when he begins his vitriol and hate speech. He has more freedom of speech than you or I would. I would be charged a rascist or worse and loose my job, if I uttered much of his nonsense publicly on my own time, much less at work.

    But he is an entertainer, by his own admission -- not a politician. Some entertainment, when he chooses to openly and publicly work against the President of the United States, to ensure that his neoconservative beliefs are the only acceptable policies in effect.

    That is why I believe he is so dangerous. He doesn't actually believe in supporting America, he only believes in supporting his America.

    I found your site by accident on Twitter, but it is good to read another retiree's views on the direction we are going.