Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Did You Expect...

We are thirty-four days into the Presidency of Barack Obama. The President is moving to accomplish campaign promises, chief among them – transparency, and yet; the Media has asked the questions that one would only have expected from an administration that had been in office for a year or more. Will the President nationalize the banking system; how are you going to manage the Guantanamo ‘mess’; will the Stimulus work; the rantings of one uninformed Rick Santelli… and more? Despite the hand that he has been dealt, the President is doing remarkably well in making the adjustments and decisions necessary to bring good government to the American people.

Even more surprising is the stout wall that the Republican Party has set for the President to vault in attempting to extend the right hand of partisanship. We all know that Madam Pelosi is not prone to following the lead of anyone, hence the degree of difficulty for the President in achieving this noble goal. But, Pelosi notwithstanding, the Republican Party has done its best to thwart the efforts of the President in realizing this goal. If there is ever to be some semblance of bipartisanship, the Republican Party is going to have to realize that they are not in the best of positions to dictate policy given the last eight years under Bush with six of those years in total control of the Congress by the Republican Party.

The responsibility for bringing America through this crisis rests with Congress in supporting the direction of the President. Robust debate with the intent of reaching this lofty goal is expected of the Congress. We saw just the opposite from Congress in passing the Stimulus package. The galvanization demonstrated by the refusal to include the Republicans in the initial phase of the Stimulus package was followed by the refusal to support any part of the Stimulus package by the Republicans. The debacle reminds us that bipartisanship is not the primary goal of this Congress. The President has said that it is incumbent on the majority to include the minority, and the minority should come to the table with constructive ideas.

The attempts to discredit the President have continued to be a source of embarrassment for the Republican Party. Witness the conversation of McCain and the President on the fleet of helicopters that President Bush ordered; a situation that President Obama had already discussed with Secretary Gates. McCain knew that Obama and Gates had already talked about the helicopters, but he attempted to use the helicopters and their cost to discredit the President; it backfired.

The Republican Party has tried unsuccessfully to question the authenticity of the President to serve…

Senator Shelby, (R) Alabama spoke with connotations of himself being the ultimate authority as to the right of the President to be the leader of the United States simply because he had not seen the President’s birth certificate, therefore; the President had not been shown to be legitimately eligible to hold the office of President. These tactics have continued to explode in the faces of those attempting to use whatever means to discredit the President.

At some point in time the Republican Party will come to the realization that Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America, and that he is also a cunning adversary that will take them to the hoop on any subject! The Republican Party will be forced to reconcile themselves with the responsibility of working with this President for the good of America because 2010 is right around the corner!

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