Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Message is a 'Systematic No'

President Obama appeared to be on the verge of breaking a record with the selection of those who would fill his cabinet positions until the GOP decided that it would systematically deny this President an up/down vote on his selections.  The congressional committees are required to take the interest of the people into consideration when vetting the persons selected by the President, but the present situation is more than vetting, it is pathetic no matter how you look at it.

Eric Holder, the President’s selection for Attorney General and possibly the first Black ever to hold that position was simply harassed for the sake of harassment.  Eric was questioned for ‘not voicing’ his position in protest to the selection of Mark Rich for a pardon by then President Clinton… duh!  Who is Eric Holder, the Assistant Attorney, to question the right of any sitting President to grant a pardon to the person that he wishes to see pardoned – he has no right?  Yes, there were questionable and insinuative things going on behind closed doors within the Clinton White House, Eric Holder’s office was not in the WH! 

Tom Daschle was beaten to death by the Confirmation Committee because of his affiliation with lobbyist and CEOs in the Health Industry and non-payment of back taxes, but we all know the Senator be an outstanding and tireless contributor to the Senate for decades.  We all know him to be a man of integrity.  We never expected the Senate GOP to stand almost as one in denouncing his nomination for the Office of Secretary of Health and Human Services, but it was done and we lost the services of a great statesman.  The reasons for the denial by the Confirmation Committee were his questionable business practices in conjunction with his ties to an investment company and the payment of back taxes with regard to the usage of a luxury car – sorry excuses all for the denial of this man’s expertise in government.

The list is extensive for those still awaiting confirmation.  Today, Kathleen Sibelius’ confirmation is expected to give President Obama a leader for the HHS, but look at the hoops that the two-time governor of Kansas has had to jump through to get to this point.  Anti-abortion groups have been lobbying Republican senators to vote against Sebelius, criticizing her stances on abortion and her ties to a late-term abortion doctor who donated to her campaigns. Sebelius initially underreported to senators the size of those donations, though she apologized and said it was an inadvertent error.  Even with the flu outbreak, the GOP is still filibustering with the nomination of Sibelius.  That is only the beginning; they have yet to act on those who would be her assistants and the confirmation of other cabinet members as well!

‘The Party of NO’ has decided that its partisan interest far outweighs the welfare of the people of the United States. The PNO has decided that it should say no to every endeavor that the Obama presidency embarks upon.  Is the American public taking notice… you betcha?!  And then, there are the conservative media constituents of the GOP, a group that misconstrues the slightest of incidents in hopes of getting the weak-minded to believe and perpetuate lies and innuendos.  Case in point, the recent Swine flu scenario with Mexico City as the epicenter – conservative media host are flooding the airwaves with the report that Mexican illegal immigrants are the purposely spreading the virus here in America!  What could be further from the truth, but the core GOP will believe anything that is delivered to them with Sunday dinner via Faux-News.

When will all of this change for the better… in November of 2010!

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condanance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control. – Rodney A. Davis

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