Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lie That Conservatives Want You To Believe About Health Care

What are the real issues and why aren't all of the players that are fighting each other to present a plan for health care that will address all of the factors that affect every American doing so in a constructive way? Why are lobbyist allowed to influence the Congressman that are on the committees that are forming the plan for health care? More importantly, why are the grassroot Republicans fighting the thought of health care reform of any kind?

The Republicans are not interested in Health Care because they think that is too expensive, no, they want to stop Obama and they are willing to do whatever it takes to stop him. Everything that has been said regarding health care by the Republicans is in the negative. They said no to the stimulus package that Bush initiated and now blame Obama for its failure six months into its implementation. They don’t care that their opposition will hurt the people of America, they want Obama to fail – they have said it many times in these pass six months.

Cost issues seem to be the root cause for fighting the reforming of how we provide care to all Americans. Raising taxes is the easiest way to finance the reformation, but the economy makes it especially difficult to raise taxes when you consider the difficulty of getting everyone to get aboard and support a raise in taxes. Surely a compromise is needed by all concerned, but the desire to discredit the President seems to be the mission of those against the implementation of a national health care plan. The Republican Party wants to delay any effort to incorporate a reform to the health care system

The argument made by the Conservatives for Patient’s Rights (CPR) is that a government ‘controlled’ health care plan will regulated which doctor you can see and what procedures are applicable for you. If I am not mistaken, those with pre-existence conditions are denied health care when changing health care providers due to a job change right now. Last time I checked, providers were denying coverage for procedures that the patient’s doctor is recommending for that patient right now. If CPR were truly in favor of ‘patient’s rights’ these issues would not be on the table and the need for reform would not be an issue. To be honest, the protest against health care reform has no real base of support and is ludicrous in nature.

Realistically, we must expand the coverage of the system to provide much needed care to all Americans. The introduction of Wellness Clinics and Community Centers like Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) would and do help promote an informed, as well as, healthy public. Why wouldn’t our Congressman want this for all of America? As Senator Sanders has said… “Health Care is a Right, not a money-making business”

Single-Payer Health Care, is it the answer? I am of the opinion that Single-Payer health care is the ultimate answer to the present situation. Polls show that the majority of Americans want some form of health care now. The opposition says that a trillion dollars is too much to pay for socialistic health care… this is a misstatement – the price is a trillion dollars over ten years. The difference between the two is significant, but those against health continue to state an obvious lie in support of no reform to health care. The citizens of America must denounce such tactics as being counter-productive – we can do this America. The opponents of reform would rather see things remain the same. Simply look at who would benefit from no reform and you will find that they are also the ones financing the effort to stop health care reform.

The GOP, headed by Jim DeMint (R) S. Carolina, is making the issue of health care a political one. With only twenty-one percent of their original base, the Republicans are mounting a fierce effort to derail health care insurance simply because they are oppose to the President achieving any of the goals he promised America when he ran for office. Everything is political with the Republican Party and we should understand and take note of those denying all of us the ‘right' to good affordable health care.

I am retired from the United States Navy. I pay ninety-six dollars a month for my health care and forty-seven dollars a month for my dental care insurances. I have never been denied medical treatment. I have always been able to see a doctor no matter that I changed jobs and now that I am sixty-five, Medicare is my primary provider and the military, in the form of Tricare4Life, makes it possible for me to continue to receive the best of care at no additional cost.

This is government health care insurance; the same health care that Republicans and the insurance lobbyist say is bad for you. We are going to have to pay for whatever reform that comes into play because the thought of not doing anything is far worst.

Voice your opinion by writing, calling, or visiting your Congressman as soon as possible (click here to find your Congressman).

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control. – Rodney A. Davis


  1. Easy for you to say, you and your family are covered by the Navy. We CANNOT afford more taxes in this economy. Hasn't Obama already spent enough? How many more people with his trickle down spending can I afford to support? Yep, let's cover all the health care for everybody, including illegals. What the hell, it's only money. Our great, great grandchildren will not live long enough to pay off this tremendous debt -- they sure don't need 3 - 4 TRILLION dollars of debt for health care. Right now, anybody can go to an emergency room and be treated no matter if insured or not (i have witnessed this), also, illegal or not. What more do you want??????

  2. The cost of health care for all is not three to four trillion, it is one trillion over ten years. Regulating health care will relieve employers of the growing burden to provide health care for their employees. The costlier it becomes to insure everyone, the less money businesses have to put toward salaries and expansion.

    Take a moment to review the entire equation and you well ultimately conclude that something has to be done, or we will all suffer the consequences for not having look to a solution sooner.

    Persons going to the emergency room are the biggest burden to hospitals trying to stay solvent. You don't have to believe me google the cost of emergency care - http://www.newamerica.net/blog/new-health-dialogue/2009/cost-emergency-room-utilization-rise-13225 and find out for yourself.

    Bush had every opportunity to regulate the illegals entering America... he did nothing! No president has done more in such in as short a period of time as this president has.

    We have do what's right for all of America, if not, we are doomed.