Monday, November 9, 2009

The Stupak Amendment Does Not Fly...

I am aghast that the House would allow the Stupak Amendment’s attachment to the Health Care bill. I think that the Health Care bill should have gone down in flames before the Stupak Amendment before allowing its attachment to the bill. It actually takes away the rights of pro-choice women to decide whether they want to have an abortion - essentially putting a knife in the heart of Roe vs. Wade without ever referencing Roe vs. Wade! You cannot erase a 'law' from the books without an amendment to address that law. Whom are they trying to fool?
Even more so, I wonder why the House does not introduce an insurance bill that sets the record straight once and for all. Insurance companies should be removed from their anti-trust exemption, make it against federal law to discriminate against anyone for any reason that would deprive them of affordable health care, make it against federal law to fix prices on any commodity within the United States and its territories.

The other way that we can determine whether America wants a Health Care Bill is to place it on the November national election ballots as a referendum, up or down vote. Everyone would have an opportunity to endorse or vote down the reform without the need for our Congressmen to choose for us based on their bias positions, which that are undoubtedly influenced by insurance lobbyist.

If we just do that, insurance companies would be forced to present affordable health insurance policies for everyone. We do not really need a health care bill; we need health care insurance reform!

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