Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saints WIN SUPER BOWL, Beat Colts 31-17

There were many other things that put the nail into the Colt's coffin. They believed the hype and under-estimated the Saints to began their downfall. They assumed that the Saints would kick deep when the on side kick took place. Finally, you can only go to the well so many times with the Saint defense before they burn you with an interception - no less, no more, the Saints dominated Super Bowl 44 after forty-four years!

And, as I told a lot of other people before the game, Peyton Manning is his own worst enemy... he simply thought that the game was his for the taking and when it didn't happen that way, he went into the same funk that he use to withdraw to when the Patriots beat him two out of three times.

You ever watch any of the old film of Johnnie Unitas? He runs onto the field like Unitas, his number one hero, but that is where the similarities (copycatness) ends. His arrogance and ego make him the most vulnerable quarterback ever to play the game.
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