Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What You Are Doing, When You Hope the President Fails

From the day that President Barack Hussein Obama, the forty-fourth president of the United States, took office a certain element of our citizenry has wished, voiced, prayed, and shouted that they wanted this President to fail! Most notable among those wishing that he fail was Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh set in motion a crescendo of conservatives wishing that Barack Hussein Obama fail!

Consider this… if the President fails, than America will fail to protect, serve, and comfort the people that live and work in America; it means that the pillar of democracy which serves as a beacon to the rest of the world will no longer shine brightly for all to see; it means that ‘we the people’ does not exist anymore. Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it!

This country is destroying itself as no enemy could ever have accomplished. The Germans, the Japanese, and all of the countries that America fought to be what is today could not do what we are doing to ourselves – divide and conquer one of the greatest societies that history will ever have the displeasure of recording! We no longer love our country and it shows.

There are two things that promote this division…

1. Politicians run for office to set records for tenure in office. No one runs because they want to make America better. Novices running for office promise the world, win the election, and hit a brick wall that says – you cannot come in here and change what the rest of us have been doing forever.

They are then indoctrinated as to what the real world is inside Washington. The novice learns that you must remain within party lines. You cannot do things that will have the look of changing America for the better. You will not serve your constituents and the people of America to the best of your ability.

Money, in the form of contributions, influences the vote of our politicians. Our politicians need the money to buy ads, influence people, and win elections. The Supreme Court, under the leadership of Chief Justice Roberts, has made the process of garnering money from big business and special interest groups all the more easier – what were they thinking? Congress does not have the will-power to police itself, and thus, the vicious circle continues.

2. Americans are not involved with the day-to-day events occurring in our country. We are depending on political pundits to give us our points-of-view – what’s worse; we never question the logic of their position. We watch television and refuse to read the papers, question the commentator, or go find out for ourselves what the truth really is.

In a nation that should have a strong desire to educate its people, we fail to even come close to reducing the level of illiteracy of our people – there is nothing more dangerous than an illiterate person in a position of power, aka ‘the voter’!

Racial tensions are more evident in this day and age in America than ever before! Most of those exercising the right to have this racial point-of-view are unaware of the contributions that Black America has made to this our country. If American textbooks told the real story, more of our people would understand and reflect this knowledge in their daily routines.

A Black invented the traffic light. A Black invented the refrigerator. A Black invented the method used to store, transfer, and use the blood that saves many injury victims or those going into surgery - Dr. Drew, inventor of the blood bank, died after being injured in a car accident. And yet, the Black race is the most repressed in America! Where is the logic in this? Where is the logic in hating another red-blooded American simply because of the color of his skin – we divide and conquer ourselves without forethought!

I was surprised to hear from the mouth of a well-known ex-politician that he feels the same way that I do. Here is his point of view…

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If you really love this country – become informed; if you want America to be here for your children and grandchildren; if you believe that our politicians should do their jobs by passing legislation that will make America better - you will ask your elected officials to take this oath: I will serve the people of my constituency and the citizenry of America in a bi-partisan way for a better United States of America – so help me God!

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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