Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Vilification of an American Citizen

I am shocked and dismayed that the Obama administration has reverted to being a puppet of the right. This latest incident with Ms. Sherrod demonstrates how easily this administration is prone to change its agenda for the slightest reasons.

The Right in Congress has manipulated the Democratic Party every step of the way in legislations that have been vital to the growth of this country and this country’s economy. Our Health Care Bill was watered down due to the Right’s manipulations; the Stimulus Package was watered-down using the same tactics. When is the Democratic Party going to wise-up and realized that they are being manipulated by the Right? When?

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How Shirley Sherrod got snookered is a remarkable feat in and of itself. Shirley Sherrod is the wife of Charles Sherrod, a minister, who was the field director of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1965 in southwest Georgia. How the contribution of a low-life blogger, Andrew Breitbart, became relevant enough to degrade Shirley Sherrod demonstrates again how we are being manipulated by the speed of light and the rearrangement of a video… I am ‘shaking my head’ in disgust!

What is even more disheartening is the 'dumbshit' attack by the NAACP of a person that they invited to speak at one of their convention - Benjamin Todd Jealous, you torched yourself so badly that there is nothing that you can do to re-publish your image. Shirley Sherrod has an enviable present in Black History and you didn't even know her!

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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