Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get Your Facts Straight...

I received this response from an individual that wanted to criticize the comment that I made that PFC Manning's release of classified documents was out of line. Here is his response and mine as well to his statements...

Keith Ktwo Muhammad August 20 at 9:02pm Report
if pfc manning perorted us soldiers killing innocent civilians whats wrong with that? if the masses of the people in the US CONDONE THE KILLING OF INNOCENT people then you they r no different from the people who orchastraighted 9/11

My dear friend, I voiced nothing untoward the data that was released. I spent two tours in Viet Nam and we had the same types of atrocious incidents there.

War is hell... for the people that fight it and for the people that are caught up in it. I did not think that the invasion of Iraq was a a good thing. I did think that the invasion of Afghanistan was a good thing because the people of Afghanistan allowed a known terrorist to plan and launch an attack against the United States from its soil.

I have issues with the number of civilians that have been killed and the manner in which they died. Those soldiers that willingly killed innocence civilians have and will be punished. Those civilians that died because they were within or close to the encampments of the enemy chose to be there and paid for their choices. Make no mistake, the Armed Services of the United States are not interested in killing the very people that they are attempting to liberate, albeit, liberation appears not to be the wishes of those same people.

If PFC Manning chose to be the whistle-blower against the atrocities in Afghanistan; and he has every right to do so, then he should have done the honorable thing by getting out of the service and then requested a hearing in front of Congress. He had no right to break military law and release military documents to the public. As a serviceman, I despise him for exposing the underbelly of the Armed Services.

I truly want nothing to do with the ME. The traditions and policies that govern everyday life simply don't fit in modern day times. Muslims willing to subjugate themselves to Sharia and/or any other forms of cruel and usual punishments deserve everything that they get. I want no parts of it, the oil, nor the traditions.

In addition, whoever, or whatever gave you the idea that Americans condone the atrocities committed there is sheer nonsense. Remember one thing, the Lockerbie bomber returned to Libya with cheers. Do you see, hear, or read of any instances where Americans cheer when word comes that civilians were killed in Afghanistan or Iraq - no! Get your facts straight and understand the full picture before you attempt to brand someone based upon the position they took.

I remain adamant - Manning should be placed under the jail in a dark spot for the rest of his natural life for releasing military documents without authorization. I could care less what information those documents held and why he did it.

Anything else...

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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