Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remember When

If you are old enough to remember when your job was a given and the ability to pay your mortgage was not in question, then you are old enough to vote. I ask you to consider the State of the Nation prior to the 2000 elections. Bill Clinton brought prosperity to the United States of America – we had jobs and the middle-class supported the manufacturing of American products and paid the bulk of the taxes in support of our government. President Clinton even left a 1.3 trillion surplus to his successor!

Compare those days under Clinton with eight years of George Bush, the 43rd. Eight years of runaway spending for two wars, one of which was based on pure unadultered lies! Tax cuts that benefitted the rich! Budgets that hid the cost of the war in Iraq with the condonement of a then, Republican led Congress. The deregulation of Wall Street saw the collapse of major banks, requiring drastic tactics to keep this country afloat. Tax laws that rewarded those companies out-sourcing our jobs became the accepted thing to do!

You have been warned of the foreign money that is being used by unscrupulous groups to finance the campaigns of Republican candidates for office. If we allow these despicable acts to change the way our legislators are elected, we will have none to blame save ourselves. Give this President the tools to combat these irregularities in election laws. Remember that it was a Republican appointed Chief Justice that changed a precedence regarding finance campaign laws. Never before has the Supreme Court been so bold as to contradict precedence by a misinterpretation of the Constitution!

I now remind you of the turn-around that has been accomplished by a Democratic Congress led by a Democratic President. Sure money has been spent, but aren’t we better off as a result of it? Remember when we were losing seven hundred thousand jobs every month due to the policies of ‘Bush 43' and a Republican led Congress – I do? It is a fact, Bush the 43rd, spent more of our taxes without a return, then any other President in the history of our government – eight trillion dollars.

Much has been accomplished by President Obama, and a Democratic Congress, in just two years; think of what can be accomplished if this president were to work with majorities in both houses of Congress for the next two years. We have a national insurance policy that will enable all of us to receive the medical care that we justly deserve and need. We have withdrawn our troops from the sovereign grounds of Iraq at great cost of life and limb, a cost that can be directly attributed to ill-advised decisions on the part of a Republican president. We have reined in the reckless acts of Wall Street and arrested the degradation of our banks and economy, but there is more to be done. We have a duty to reform the immigration laws, create more jobs, and most of all – Stop the out-sourcing of American jobs to foreign nations whom we know are now trying to buy our election processes.

Don’t allow the return of yesteryear – give your support to our President and Democratic lawmakers up for election

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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