Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did the Voters Really Speak...

Whether you want to believe that the voters have spoken or not, I think that you should realize one thing; the trend of voters giving the opposition Party control of Congress is consistent with previous mid-term elections. The November 2010 mid-elections were no different.

I believe that the Democrats underestimated the strategy of just saying ‘No’ as used by the Republicans. Just saying no was so ingenious that it worked! In Congressional bill after Congressional bill introduced by the Democrats, Republicans appeared to want to contribute. Compromises were made that watered each bill down on both sides of Congress. As each bill came to the floor either a filibuster would take place or the watered-down bill would pass with absolutely no support from the Republican side of each chamber of Congress – risky, but it worked… in conjunction with the ‘normal trend to oust the Party in control of the White House – we have ‘The Voters Have Spoken’.

The mid-term election trend is well known and has duplicated itself for the pass century with uncanny precision. Each president has seen this reversal in his first term of office. Pundits and the media are spinning what happens as a trend into what the voters are saying at the polls. No one to date has been able to explain why the trend has occurred with such predictable regularity to date – but we hear that ‘The Voters Have Spoken’.

What do the voters speak to… they don’t want ObamaCare; they are not happy about the turn-around in job losses (700,000 jobs per month from July of 2008 through February of 2009); Obama spent too much of the taxpayers money to curb the recession; Obama failed to address the financial corruption on Wall Street – or was it just a duplication of the mid-term election trend returning on schedule?

I think that it was the latter; my biggest worry is that Obama does not stoop down and communicate more with the people of this country, people who have no idea of what he has taken them through in such short time. I also think that, just as Reagan, Clinton, and Bush 43 did, Obama will rebound in the 2012 elections – election trends at work. Carter and George H. didn’t for obvious reasons – they simply weren’t presidential enough to gather the momentum for a second term in office. Obama has to fall into the ‘Carter/George H performance’ category to lose the 2012 elections – given his performances so far, I don’t see that happening.

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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