Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gov. Walker - Union Buster!

It is apparent these days the Republican national agenda contains a mandate to, in one blow, destroy the Unions, cripple the lower classes, and reward the upper classes, as well as, the corporate world.  Crush the Unions and you destroy the very fiber that has support the level of protections for all workers – OSHA, EPA, Planned Parenthood, and a host of other programs designed to protect and support our families is under fierce attack.

Over the past few weeks, in fiscally strapped State after State, and Congress, Republicans have introduced legislation to continue the tax cuts for the rich and reduce the entitlements and salaries of the middle and lower classes.  It’s not enough that Congress pushed through legislation to continue the practices that contributed to the deficit; now they want to support the new tax cuts with reductions in pay to the poor and destitute at the State level as well!

The supposition is that public employees are making way too much money and have way too many benefits that cost the States way too much money – since when does removing the right to bargain constitute a fiscal cost to the State Treasury?  Point-of-fact, not one State making this claim has the financial records to prove that this is the case, and more to the point; the one State that has restricted the right to bargain, South Carolina, is in a worst fiscal state than any of the other States that are trying to destroy the Unions in those particular States.

The Economic Policy Institute, a credible and non-political Think Tank reports just the opposite… Public-sector workers earn less when compared with those doing the same type of work in the civilian work-force!

The Unions have turned the tables on the State of Wisconsin by agreeing to cuts in pay that are being asked for by Governor Steve Walker.  In response, Walker has stated that is not enough – didn’t he want reducing in pay, yes; did he get an agreement on that issue, yes; then why Governor, do you still want to take away the right to bargain for vacations, workplace safety, and any other hard fought for condition for employment?  The answer is simple; he wants to destroy the Unions so that he can bring into the State of Wisconsin those corporations that don’t want to deal with Unions and collective bargaining!

Let’s make the area of dispute clear… Governor Walker, within days of taking office, offered one hundred seventeen million dollars of incentives to businesses wanting to relocate to Wisconsin – that was a good thing!  However, he wants sweetening the deal by destroying the Unions and financing those tax incentives on the backs of the working public!  He wants to destroy any hope of the workers creating a union-type atmosphere in the workplace.

Make no mistake, the Republican Party has set an agenda to destroy every facet of what has made this country great – the ability to collectively bargain is a right that has been fought for and earned for just reasons and the Republican Party wants to destroy them – out of greed!  Ultimately, the rights of every American are under scrutiny and the changes will manifest themselves in a reduction of your rights!

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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