Friday, March 25, 2011

Race To The Bottom

It just seems that as the rights of the people of the United States are reduced to a skeleton of their original value, the similarity to a tsunami is the best comparison for this change in our society. A wave of partisan politics is sweeping every gain from the face of the America Worker. He is seeing a reduction in his pay - if he has a job; the jobs, that were so plentiful a decade ago for the middle-class, now have the characteristic aura of the dinosaur era!

Class warfare... the worst kind, has those who are being reduced to applying for food stamps labeled as lazy by the 'haves' and those among the 'have-nots' agreeing until it is their personal situation as well.

I am reminded of a sermon by Martin Niemoller:

When they came for the Jews, I did nothing, for I am not a Jew. When they came for the Socialists, I did nothing, for I am not a Socialist. When they came for the labor leaders, the homosexuals, the gypsies, I did nothing, for I am none of these, and when they came for me, I was alone, there was no one to stand up for me.

Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor from Nazi Germany

The Race To The Bottom

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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