Friday, August 19, 2011

My Response to Mr. Krauthammer's Op-ed in the Washington Post

"A troubled nation wonders: How did we get mired in 9.1 percent unemployment, 0.9 percent growth and an economic outlook so bad that the Federal Reserve pledges to keep interest rates at zero through mid-2013 — an admission that it sees little hope on the horizon?"

As is always the case, Mr. Krauthammer talks about the problems that have mired the POTUS' agenda, but he never addresses the factors that stymie the POTUS's efforts to generate a full recovery. Let's enumerate them to ensure that there is a contradiction to his position:

1. The House, led by the Tea-partied Republicans and an indecisive speaker of the House has failed to introduce one job creation Bill, in fact, every attempt by members of the House to introduced legislation has been blocked by the Right - reference:

2. When the POTUS attempted to introduce a Stimulus package that would address jobs by setting aside money that would have created jobs as part of a grand scheme to influence recovery, the Republicans used the pretense of voting for that stimulus in a ploy that watered-down the package and thus, rendered it nothing more than pouring a bucket of water on a barn fired.

3. When the POTUS asked for a 'big' debt reduction budget plan that would reduce the deficit over the next ten years by 4.7 trillion, Republicans refused the package because it contained demands to cut tax loopholes and rescind the tax cuts to the top two percent of wage earners.

I could go on with example after example of how the POTUS' agenda was thwarted by a partisan effort to reduce any chance of success by this President to posture change to the economic situation in America. The Republican mandate is to 'make Obama a one term' President at the expense of the American worker.

It is shameful, and you are being less than candid when you present an opinion that is as bias as the Republican response to the economy of our country.

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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