Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Key Points On Why Racism Continues To Be A Problem In America

The new reaction to any discussion of racial relationships is the use of the phrase "Oh! Now you want play the race card!" The person using this phrase is guilty of not wanting to listen; not wanting to listen for fear he will hear something that could change his position on race relations.

Who else, if not the person subject to an incident of racism, is indeed the most qualified to speak on an issue that he lives with every day! Why does a Black, Indian, or Hispanic person become the villain when he complains of an incident of racism... it's because the person perpetuating that racism is the culprit that does not want to hear that he is a racist? If you are in denial about something that you know yourself to be guilty of, you are no better than a drug or alcohol addict - addicts always deny they are what they are until they are made to face it! 

Shortly after the Civil War, Blacks were being elected to national and local Offices! They owned land, businesses, and were contributors to society in like manner as their White brothers. What changed that... a lot changed to reverse and erase the Black man's footprint in America! The KKK emerged, White landowners were competing against the man that was his property a few years previously, and these entities decided to hang, murder, and kill the Black race on such a scale that Blacks withdrew in fear; withdrew because they didn't have protection from the internal attacks that were terrorizing them. The same tactic was done against the American Indian!

Blacks had chose to separate themselves from the White race because of the national effort to minimize them through intimidation and murder. Beginning with the turn of the century, Black thriving communities were attacked and Blacks were burned out of their towns. The American History book does not contain the era of hatred that destroyed the image of Black America.

Rosewood, Tulsa, and virtually all of Missouri were key areas of destruction! The website: www.BlackPast.org documents the destruction of Black America. There is so much history about Black America that has been withheld from Americans, to the point that most of America assumes what they have been told... Blacks are lazy! If you visit www.BlackInventors.com, most of you will walk away amazed because Blacks gave America so much more than White America knows! Your traffic light, your air conditioner, and your blood transfusions are all Black inventions - that is only the begining! C++,the programming language for your computers was developed by a female Black Naval Officer!

Not only can I point to Black America's demise, I can point to a continuing atrocity that glares for all to see... the American Native Indian! Truthfully, they were the first race of people to be subjected to White racism! The American Indian was, out of fear, interned in concentration camps where they descended into a diminished replica of themselves. This was by design; it was out of fear, whether real or imaginary!

When America comes to the realization that its unfounded fears are the single cause of all of the racial issues in America, this country will see a changed based upon that realization of whom is responsible for it all, and directly responsible for ending it all.

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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