Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Police Shootings

This is what occurs when punkass cops are given a gun and a badge! The policeman's reactions in the video show a sudden change from cordiality to instance fear. He asked for Castile's ID, then pulled the trigger seven times, striking Castile five times .

His partner is on the other side viewing the passenger side of the car. He has not drawn his gun, and states that he saw no gun. He is startled by the gunfire and quickly moves to a point of safety. This, alone, is a violation of armed engagement protocol! Rule #1... make sure you have a clear view before firing!

Everything about this incident screams negligent homicide! The officer chooses fear over control of the situation.

1. Order the person in question to put his hands on the dash.

2. Have the other officer assist with extradition from the car and searched for a weapon on his body.

If there is a gun on his body, recovery is achieved. After checking his permit and ascertaining that his permit is in order, the victim should be have been released from custody - fully alive.

Fear for your life is not justification to discharge your weapon after initiating a confrontation, yet Courts have consistently ruled that this one mental state of mind is a legal reason to shoot to kill!

How I would have handled this incident:

No Black legally carrying a firearm should tell a policeman that they have a gun/permit to carry. If the detaining officer doesn't demand to see you hands... do so on your own. When you are asked for ID explain that you are fearful of doing so without the officer's assistance. Insist that the officer remove you from the car and frisk you for a weapon - you have now taken control of the situation.

Now, assured that you are unarmed, direct the officer (hands still on the car) to the pocket where your ID is located. Allow him to review and verify your status.

The fear factor has been eliminated!

I was 46 years old when a nervous PG County policewoman shot to dead my friend after first asking him for his ID. Police are deadly afraid of a Black man. They believe each of us is a crazed animal capable of committing heinous crimes without reason.

You've been warned!

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