Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Four Roads Of Russian Interference

The top news item on every form of media is this... did the Trump Camp engaged the Russians to aid Republicans winning the White House. Currently, the investigation has indicated that there are four paths to Collusion by the Trump Camp!

There is ample reason to justify the decision to investigate, as well as, dismiss any thoughts of doing an investigation. The division along Party lines is confusion; confusing, in that any accusations of foreign interference in our democratic progress should be reason enough to complete a bi-partisan investigation.

Republicans continue to suggest that Democrats are screaming foul because they lost the election. I've found no reason to lend credibility to this accusation. To be truthful, evidence obtained so far indicates that something did occur.

Let me make myself clear, finding that Russia aided, or abetted the Trump camp will in no way reverse the election results! Should evidence show that there was collusion, and individuals  in the Trump camp were found to have colluded with the Russians, reversal of the election results will not occur!

My thoughts... politics has nothing to do with seeking the absolute truth! Point-of-order... no one is above the law; not even the President. In conclusion, something occurred, and the burden of proof can only be reached through due diligence and transparency! There is so much we don't know.

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