Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trump vs Transgender

Like a pinball, Donald Trump has again richocheted off the White House walls and declared transgender servicepersons are no longer eligible to serve in our Armed Forces.

One of the Trumpster's latest tricks is to spread the media thin by keeping as many topics on the front page as possible. This tactic does two things... energizes his base and inflames his opposition as well.

Transgender servicepersons have done an exceptional job in our Armed Forces. Certainly, they are on par with our service women, whom have demonstrated a propensity to excel within our Armed Services.

In my humble opinion, a diversified military is a stronger military; our military has to be inclusive. To that end, I am opposed to the 'edict' announced by His Highness, the draft-dodging occupant of the Oval Office barring transgender persons from wanting to be a part of the greatest military ever assembled!


Rodney Davis STC(SS) USN R'td

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