Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain - McBush 4 more

Recenty, I listened to a speech by Senator McCain and came away thinking that the real issues that confront America were not addressed in the Senator’s speech.

He, by omission, has indicated that he intends to grant a free pass to big oil and big business with no relief for the little man. He maintains that he will keep in place the initiatives of the Bush Administration, initiatives that got us in the predicament that we currently are experiencing. If America was being interviewed by a ‘credit doctor’ to repair its credit, Senator McCain’s policies would be placed in the ‘round file’ so swiftly that they would catch on fire from the friction of air against the surface of the paper.

My Father told me that power, in the hands of an ignorant man, is the most dangerous thing in the world. This is not to say that the Senator is ignorant, but the adage does apply in this case. In applying that adage to the McCain way of thinking it simply means that we will painfully endure four more years of failed policies.

Like the man he intends to replace, he is exceedingly stubborn when forced to adjust to the changing political arena on the world playing field. We don’t want another war; we can’t afford another war. His posturing during the confrontation with Russia over Russia’s invasion of Georgia proves that he can’t present the united front that America will need in the future to prevent aggression with diplomacy first! He says that he hates war, but he has yet to demonstrate that position when it comes to interfacing with other world powers.

Senator McCain says he will fight for justice and equality for all, but is it all of big business, or will it be all of the people of America? We don't know. The McCain campaign continues to put forward lies and innuendos against their opponents instead of delivering a message that will give us some indication of the path in which his administration will take the country. When asked direct questions about his policies, he seems to wander off blabbering in a strange language things that we can't comprehend. The person that he has selected for his vice-president does the same thing... reference her responses to Katie Couric.

I wonder, personally, how long we will be reminded that the good Senator was a prisoner of war for five and a half years. Does he want us to apply to him the same advantage that is given veterans when they apply for governmental jobs? Or, does he want us to consider his military service as a pre-requisite for anyone seeking the office of President of the United States. If we are to judge McCain by the legacy of previous presidents that did not have any military service, his military service does not have validity in the selection of a president.

In the minds of those of us that are not easily fooled about the war in Iraq, the 'surge' was supposed to give the Iraqi Parliament the time to form a coalition that would support good government between the different sects. To say that the reduced violence in Iraq is a sign that the 'surge' is the reason that we are 'winning' in Iraq is pure unadulterated BS. The war is won when you can leave the occupied country (reference Japan) with a solid government in place that will endure – something the surge was suppose to facilitate. As we all know, there is no consummate government in place in Iraq that is governing for all of the people.

Inquiring minds want to know what you; Mr. McCain, will do about the economy, about getting us out of Iraq, and about health care...

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