Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I Am Supporting Barack Obama

Being Black and alive to see the first man of color representing a major Party in the general election for President is incredibly amazing! That Obama has made it this far speaks volumes for the new generations of Americans who have found the formula for judging a man by the content of his character. The world is watching with great anticipation and, judging by his popularity overseas, waiting for America to execute what it has preached to others – treat all of your peoples as an intricate part of the whole.

By his accomplishments, and in comparison to his opponent in this election, Barack Obama is a heavy dude. A graduate of Harvard Law Magna cum Laude, President Harvard Law Review are credentials that cannot be ignored no matter who has those labels draped across their chest. Intelligence, resilience, patience, and humbleness are all characteristics of this man. He has a commitment to family values; he is a willing listener; he practices diplomacy at every turn, all traits that leaders exude under pressure. His confidence is refreshing and an assurance that he is balanced and within himself at all times. His presence gives me reason to tear up every time that I hear him orate.

Charisma is the chief commodity of all great leaders. Kennedy had it. Reagan had it. Clinton had it. It is certainly too early to rank Barack Obama in comparison to these great leaders, but he shows all of the hallmarks of being just as great. He is a rock star, having brought all kinds of people out of the woodwork and into the sunlight in support of his campaign. He has people doing things that they never did before in support of any candidate, let alone his candidacy – remarkable, in and of itself!

Now that I have told you how he makes me feel, please allow me to tell you why I feel he is the right man for America here and now.

I have been waiting for the one person that would be a President for the people. I wanted to, for once time in my life; see what a President that put America first could do to make the lives of all Americans better than ever before. How do I know that Barack Obama is that man, will be that President America needs - I feel it with all of my heart?

If I were Barack Obama, having graduated from two of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning with honors, I would be selfishly making all the money that I could make. I am sorry, but I would have put my financial well-being first. Barack Obama turned away from six figure salaries and his pick of the best firms on Wall Street and big industry. He could have clerked for whomever he wished to clerk for; instead, he took a job as a community organizer at ten thousand dollars a year – one sixtieth of what he could have commanded by working in his field.

What does that tell me about Obama, the man? It tells that he is not driven by money. It tells me that he is a willing servant to the people that need his services. It tells me that he is willing to remain a servant to the poor, the needy, those wanting to be free of the constraints that poverty imposes on us. The ability to bring strong guidance to the table in support of the welfare of others while experiencing personal sacrifice is a sign of commitment to others on a grand scale. If he did it for the people of Chicago, he can and will do it for all of America.

I believe in Barack Obama. I believe that he will find a way to bring a better lifestyle to all of America. I believe that he will expand his philosophy of leadership to the world stage in pursuit of peace for the entire civilized world. I believe in the change that is represented by and in the person of Barack Obama. May God bless America by giving her the leader that she needs in these trying times?

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