Monday, September 29, 2008

Melamine, the New China Syndrome

Melamine, just another way to poison the general public without penalty and our government is looking the other way in condoning this genocide from products produced in China. The FDA has issued a bulletin stating the there is no threat from melamine poisoning to the general public. If I am not mistaken, what happened to Fido, the dog and Fluffy, the cat last year was serious and deadly.

In the bulletin the FDA mentions… “In addition, the FDA is advising consumers not to purchase infant formula manufactured in China from internet sites or from other sources.” With all that is coming out of China being questionable with regard to health issues, my feelings are that I don’t want diddlely from China. With that in mind, I have decided to see if there is a list of products that we import from China.

After some serious ‘googling’, I have gathered some results that I recommend that all consumers consult with reference to the products that you use every day. The FDA doesn't have a list per se, but they do have something called Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts. It is an alert listing that gives the concerned consumer a report on every incident, or report that has been verified to be a threat to the public. You can sign up for this bulletin and have an alert delivered to your e-mail address every time that something comes up. If you have kids that could be exposed to some of the toxins that we know to originate in China, go to the site that is highlighted here and sign up.

Top Thirty Products Imported from China is another listing that consumers can consult for products imported from China. This list is produced by Import Administration Site Index, a government agency within the Department of Commerce that keeps track of the imports from all foreign countries. With this list, you can check everything that comes into the country. I like it best of the two that I have inserted here. Of course, there are others and you can check the listing of those providing this information by using ‘goggle’!

My suggestion, don’t use or consume anything from the Asian countries. Seafood from that area is not of the best quality; it is tainted with chemicals. The toys have proven to be tainted with lead and have parts that break off with the threat of choking your child. It is safe to say that quality control and hygienic policies are not part of the manufacturing and food processing industies in those countries.

The adage… ‘Buyer Beware’ is appropriate wherever your family is to be exposed to the goods and services of today!

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