Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Republicans are playing the 'B' Card

So, Bailout 1 never got a chance and I am so glad for that. The Republicans are playing the 'Blame' card. Why should you or I have to pay for what some bozos on Wall Street and the man down there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are responsible for having put in play? I am not interested in helping anybody that did not have my best interest at heart from the beginning. Show me where Wall Street ever did anything for the man on the street. Show me where all of the middle class jobs went and I will show you where ‘they’ need to go to get the help that ‘they’ need. I am using the word ‘‘they’’ liberally because it is a way of expressing just how far away these people are from me and reality. This situation is 'their' reality check. You can't scare me anymore because I don't believe you anymore.

Here is the cool skinner on how the Bailout went south in the Devil’s hand basket. Bear in mind that the Republican Party in the guise of Phil Graham set all of this up when ‘they’ changed the Commodity Futures Market Act in 2000. That set in motion all of the speculation that sent Enron, WorldCom, and the Electrical Utilities market in a tailspin. The futures market was manipulated and it was apparent to the people on Wall Street and ‘they’ took advantage of it. Everybody made money, bought fancy cars, and big houses in gated communities.

In addition, big business saw that ‘they’ could out-source jobs to wherever. We noticed it as a person that spoke English with a serious accent reading from a script answering the phone and fielding our questions with no idea as to what we wanted. Advanced technology took more people off of the assembly line, further reducing the middle class. With a fine chisel and a never tiring hand big business advanced its assault on our Unions, reducing them to ineffective street crowds. We loss every job that had a value-added tag and Wall Street smiled and said… “This is good”.

Wall Street and Big Business did everything ‘they’ could to strip every dollar from the hands of the very people that were needed to support the American economy. Without money in savings accounts, without people spending money, buying stuff and using stuff, cash flow ceases to exist. What did ‘they’ expect? Didn’t anybody think that this would happen? Drunk with the unbelievable influx of cash, Wall Street and Big Business could care less.

The next area of attack was the housing market. ‘‘they’’ applied the same philosophy to the housing market, giving over-appraised houses to people that wanted to live the American dream, but had no real money to buy into the dream. Mortgage lenders followed the game plan that Wall Street had polished into a money-maker and the boom was on. Everybody that could drag himself into the door was given a fat boy loan.

I say no to the bailout. Let all of those that raked in the big bucks return the favor. Give the money back. Straighten out those loans that you fraudulently put together. Stop the felonious practices that took all of our jobs and sent them overseas.

In response to those that blamed the Democratic Party for the failure of the Bailout to be a reality, let me tell you exactly what happened. The Democrats have enough votes in both the House and Senate to have passed this bill with no problem. The Democrats, and I, believe that since the Republicans are responsible for this mess, ‘they’ should share in whatever method of recovery that was devised. The Republicans would love to see the measure pass, but want no part of the blame if the measure should fail. So, the Democrats had a plan, we will allow so many of our votes to be recorded, but if the Republicans don’t match the vote count, thus insuring bi-partisan support, than we will instruct the rest of the Democratic vote to record a negative vote.

I don’t blame Pelosi for doing what she did. She is nobody’s fool. The Republicans and the ‘lame duck’ down the street had better come up with a plan for saving the economy, or history will not be too kind to ‘them’. The President should stop begging and demand a positive response from his Party!

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