Monday, January 12, 2009

And Then The Rains Came...

Until today I have been reluctant to go on record publicly with an appeal to my fellow Americans with regard to the condition of Mother Earth because I am not sure what is going on with our atmosphere. I do know that something is happening. Here are my personal observations…

I was a Sonar man in the Navy and I studied ocean phenomenon because it was part of my job. I had to understand why the sonar sound beam did what it did and predict, like a weatherman, what it would do. The safety of my ship depended upon it. I dare say that I was never much better than the modern day weatherman that predicts your local weather when it came to predicting the detection ranges for our sonar system.

However, what I did find out about the ocean is that certain currents have the capacity to actually regulate the temperature of the ocean, and thus the temperature of the Earth. How, you ask, can that be so? Well, that is a deep and continuously changing subject, but I will attempt to answer it for you, otherwise you won’t believe the theory that I am putting forward for you in layman terms.

The Ocean currents, we will pick the Gulf Stream as an example, carry the temperature of one part of the globe to other parts of the globe. You will notice that the Gulf Stream circulates from the Equator north along the eastern shore of North America into the Norwegian Sea and over the North Pole. Each of the currents documented here is important for reasons too vast to explain other than to say that the currents promote the well-being of the planet by fostering a oceanic atmosphere conducive for the continued growth of plankton, algae, and other microscopic organisms that support the food chains for all of the many species that inhabit the oceans.

In addition to supporting the food chain, the currents regulate the temperature of the Earth just as your blood regulates the temperature of your body. If the Earth’s currents were to carry warm water to the North Pole, the atmosphere at the North Pole would begin to warm. As the atmosphere warms, the ice melts dissipating into the warm water which continues to circulate around the globe, but at a cooler temperature. The cool water circulates toward the equator where it is mixes with the warmer water – cooling the equatorial waters ever so slightly. The change in the temperature of the water at the North Pole reduces the amount of glacial ice that covers the Arctic Ocean year round.

Should we be concerned about the conditions that are occurring at the North Pole, yes and not really? While the Earth is changing, it is doing just as your body would do when it overheats; it is attempting to cool itself off by ‘sweating’, so to speak. The snow packs and glaciers melt to give us more water, which in turn bring the rains. The rains cleanse the air and cool the Earth, which starts the cycle all over again of forming snow packed mountains and glacial growth. We are watching an evolutional change that can be construed to be destructive, if you don’t want to consider that the Earth is a living entity that is continuously makes adjustments for all of the things that have occurred doing its existence.

On the other hand, many of the things that man is doing are hurting the creatures that roam the Earth’s surface. Many of the animals that no longer inhabit the Earth were placed in jeopardy by man’s unwillingness to live in harmony with Earth’s other inhabitants. How we manage the Earth’s resources can make a difference in how the Earth adjusts to man-made influences to the Earth’s atmosphere. Polluting the oceans reduces the Earth’s ability to heal itself and most importantly, eliminates a vital source of food for man and animal alike.

We should be conscientious of how our actions are affecting the Earth. Pollutants – chemicals, as well as the destruction of the Ozone Layer, have grave consequences for the welfare of Mother Earth. We must protect her in much the same way that we love and would protect our Mothers.

The rain and snow are the two prime ways that the Earth cleanses itself. Think about it…

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