Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel Promises to Continue...

It is extremely unfortunate that the Palestinian Authority did not fully understand what it was about when it held elections that resulted in Hamas winning a majority of seats in Parliament. A failure to have primaries in advance to the general elections yielded the results that we know of today. That, however, is no excuse for the violent take-over of the Gaza strip by the Hamas.

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Nor does this does exclude the responsibility of the Palestinian people to have known the MO of Hamas when they decided to vote for Hamas in the general elections. Furthermore, the Palestinian people, by their silence are condoning the rocket attacks against indiscriminate targets in Israel. As President-elect Obama has said, if someone is firing rockets into the bedroom of my house, I am duty-bound to protect my children at all cost.

Hamas should stop forever the firing of rockets into Israel, the use of suicide bombers, and the use of other forms of terror before any consideration is made to stop the bombing of Gaza. Peace will come in Gaza when the Palestinian people revolt against Hamas and chose to sit at the table and negotiate a lasting peace. Hamas has used the Palestinian people as bargaining chips; they have used them as pawns in every confrontation with Israel – knowing full well that any bombs that land within the close confines of Gaza will inflict great damage on the people of Palestine.

Other factors that give Hamas free rein to continue their evil ways are embedded in the response of neighboring Arab countries. Syria, Iran, and the people of other Muslim nations are demonstrating in the streets against the armed offensive mounted by Israel in response to the continuous rocket attacks against the Israeli people, but not once did they demonstrate against the rockets that Hamas fired into Israel. The chief complaint of Hamas is that they don’t want the blockage of the Gaza strip because it is a violation of their right of freedom of movement, but the past has shown that Hamas takes advantage of the freedom of movement to bring in new arms to support its fight against Israel.

Freedom of movement affords Hamas the opportunity to deploy suicide bombers in the streets and cafes of Israel. Israel has a right to protect its people and the borders of Israel are sovereign. The decision to restrict the movement of Palestinians within its borders has greatly reduced the incident of suicide bombings.

If it takes the rest of this year to rid itself of Hamas, Israel should take every opportunity to do so until that goal is achieved. Terror has no place within the civilized world. Terrorist are to be eradicated as if they are an infestation of vermin.

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