Monday, December 15, 2014

There is no widespread epidemic of cops shooting and/or killing unarmed black men

"There is no widespread epidemic of cops shooting and/or killing unarmed black men. That's a false flag waved by the uninformed, the lazy and the crowd that needs Ebola and ISIS and disappearing airplanes for traction. Police killing unarmed men of any color is a man-bites-dog tragedy. It's rare, which is what makes the occurrence so television titillating. Of course, every instance is one too many, and as a society we should do everything we can to prevent it. But all this talk about "the talk" that black parents must have with their sons about interacting with police is slightly misguided."

If there is ever to be change we can believe in, Black and Brown first have to understand that your very existence dependents on your taking a stand and never deviating from it until that change is realized! The absence of jobs and upward mobilization is the formula used to deny and defile the existence of Black and Brown in America; fight that belief with improvement of your job skills!

It starts with the incarceration, it ends with the eradication of minorities in America. The most visible fact is the incarceration of the Native American American; a proud people quartered in lands strictly for their self-incarceration. You saw it with the interment of the Japanese during World War II; it is manifested in the segregation of Black and Brown in the quality of jobs and education, and it will continue with the murdering of Black and Brown on the streets of America.

You, Black and Brown America, must use the limited resources available to you resist those things that aid and abet those that would see Black and Brown remain hostage by the color of their skin. The power of Black and Brown to foster change lies in unity of effort - cater exclusively to your neighborhood entrepreneurs, businesses, social networks! Stop using enterprises that deny you upward mobility. If your employer hinders your growth, use the system to gain skills that will enable you to move up!

Disengage yourselves from the notion that your 'one' vote doesn't matter - it does! Go to the polls with the same intensity that you are garnering to march in protest to the ever deterioration of your rights to exist in a free society. Use the same will that urges you to stand in lines around the corner for an iPhone or a concert ticket to stand inline and vote for candidates that are willing to make a difference for your plight!

A united front, a one brother reaching down to pull another brother up concept sets the tone for comeuppance! The power of unity destroys the chains and bars that hold us down!

Share for a better opposition to the New Jim Crow in America!

In a democracy, silence is not golden; it is condonance in the face of injustices; it is fear, where the thought of reprisal fosters control – Rodney A. Davis

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